Vacancies - Trails & Open Space Advisory Committee

The Trails and Open Space Advisory Committee will advise the Mayor and Town Council on all aspects of trails and open space management, including but not limited to: 

A) evaluating and enhancing existing trails and open space; 

B) developing and implementing educational programs; and 

C) serving as a source for ideas, new concepts, suggestions and innovations in trail maintenance. 

The Committee shall consist of seven (7) people acting in a voluntary capacity. At least five (5) of the volunteers shall be residents of the Town of Silver City or owners of businesses located in Silver City. Initial appointments will be for three one-year terms, and four two-year terms. Thereafter, all appointments shall be two-year terms. Appointees are eligible for reappointment. The Committee members will be appointed by the Mayor, with consensus of the Town Council. A Committee chairperson will be chosen by the Committee members at their initial meeting. The chairperson will also serve as a liaison between the Town staff and the public.


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