CPR & 1st Aid Classes

Being able to apply lifesaving techniques during an emergency until first responders arrive can mean the different between life and death for someone.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an essential lifesaving skill that Silver City Fire Department encourages all residents to learn. For someone who goes into cardiac arrest outside of the hospital, chances of survival are near 10%. However, if someone receives immediate, effective CPR by a bystander until first responders arrive, that person’s chances of survival increase significantly. 

Likewise, being able to control bleeding and provide simple first aid measures can greatly increase a person’s chances of survival in the case of a traumatic injury or medical emergency.

Silver City Fire Department offers a number of class options for both citizens and health care providers. 


Silver City Fire Department partners with EMS SAFETY to help citizens and health care providers obtain their CPR & 1st Aid Certifications.  EMS SAFETY certifications are recognized and accepted by the NM EMS Bureau for recertification. 

If you are getting  CPR certified for employment or school purposes we encourage you to make sure that EMS SAFETY is an approved organization for your needs prior to taking a class.

Scheduling Classes

  • Classes are scheduled on an as-needed basis
  • We try to get a minimum of 4 people signed up for a class with a maximum of 12
  • If you are an individual needing a class we can put you on our waiting list as well as help you find other class options in the community
  • Lieutenant Jerry O’Neal is in charge of scheduling classes.  You can call the Fire Station at 575-538-2591 (Option 2) and ask to speak with Lieutenant O’Neal or leave a message to have him get back in touch with you.


  • $35 per person

Stop the Bleed Training Course

Stop the Bleed classes are meant to teach participants how to control bleeding following a traumatic injury, which is vital for survival. Participants will learn how to pack a wound and apply a tourniquet during the class. 

  • Stop the Bleed Courses are free of charge
  • There is no minimum or maximum class size, although we try to keep it between 4 - 12 people
Picture of person doing cpr