Process for Attaining a Livestock License / Permit


  1. The applicant/requestor may submit a letter to the Silver City Police Department requesting consideration and inspection for the purpose of receiving a livestock license/permit. The request can also be made verbally to the Animal Control Officer for the Silver City Police Department. If the applicant/requestor chooses not to submit a letter or a verbal request then the person may obtain the appropriate document from the Silver City Police Department or from the Town of Silver City website.
  2. Upon receipt of the request, the Animal Control Officer will set up a date and a time with the applicant/requestor to conduct an inspection to determine compliance.
  3. If the applicant/requestor is not in compliance, the Animal Control Officer will provide the appropriate information to the applicant/requestor for the purpose of becoming compliant with the ordinance. Notification will be provided both verbally and in writing. The applicant/requestor will be given 15 working days to come into compliance at which time a follow-up inspection will be conducted. If the applicant/requestor is in compliance with the ordinance then a permit will be issued to be renewed yearly.
  4. If the applicant/requestor has failed to comply or remove the livestock after the 15-day period then the applicant/requestor may be subject to receiving a citation for violation of the ordinance.


Download the Town’s Livestock Permit Application (PDF).