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Nuestra Voz: The Chihuahua Hill Story (Opening 9/29)

Explore the history and voices of one of Silver City’s first neighborhoods with Nuestra Voz: The Chihuahua Hill Story, the Silver City Museum's most ambitious project to date. More than three years in the making, this captivating exhibit invites you to explore the rich tapestry of Chihuahua Hill's evolution, from its roots in San Vicente de la Cienega to its transformation into a vibrant community integral to Silver City's heritage.

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The Life and Times of Arturo FloresFlores Exhibit 2_6216_7_8_RT.US

Celebrating the life of the local labor activist and photographer Arturo Flores, featuring medals, letters, and photographs from throughout his life including during the 15-month Empire Zinc Strike, also known as the Salt of the Earth Strike. The exhibit is open in the Silver City Museum's Dodge Gallery.

In the Works

Bart and Culture Label

This exhibit previews our ambitious future exhibit, Silver City 101. Based on the exploration of seven humanities themes over the arc of our local history, this exhibit will be both physical and virtual. Local history scholars have collected material for each theme and presented them in the 2021 community conversation series, Unpacking Silver City. based on this work, we are offering a walk-through exhibit of these themes, introduced at seven stations with photos, objects, and interpretive labels. The themes are The Role of Government, The Wild West & Pop Culture, Community-Building, Cultural Diversity, The Economy, Health & Medicine, and The Environment. There is also opportunity within this exhibit to provide  feedback and ideas for the final Silver City 101 exhibit.

Booms & Busts

Bart Caught with Safe

Based on WNMU Professor of History Dr. Scott Fritz's research, this exhibit uses historical photos and objects to tell the "rocky" story of Silver City and Grant County's mining, ranching, and mercantile economy. It includes a safe with unique defense mechanism, and an all-ages interactive activity that demonstrates the impact of ore prices on the livelihoods of early Silver Citians!

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Arte Chicano 2020

Coming Soon: Voices of the Range