Silver City Historic Districts Map

Purposes of Historic Overlay Zoning District

The purposes of the Historic Overlay Zoning District (PDF) are to:

  • Preserve the surviving historic character of the Silver City Historic District, the Black’s Addition Historic District, the Chihuahua Hill Historic District, and the North Addition Historic District (using boundaries as defined in the registration of these districts by the New Mexico Historic Preservation Division), while encouraging new investment that reinforces the scale, distinguishing features, and appearance of those districts
  • Recognize the unique character of the Town by protecting and maintaining its cultural heritage and by prohibiting the unnecessary destruction or defacement of its remaining cultural assets
  • Promote and enhance the economic and social viability of Silver City and its historic districts
  • Encourage the reuse and maintenance of historic structures within those districts in keeping with Silver City’s designation as a Certified Local Government (CLG)

More Information

Rules for the Historic Overlay Zoning District and the Design Review Committee are authorized by the Historic District Landmark Act of 1965 (4 New Mexico Administrative Code 10.10), as modified from time to time.

Please see the State of New Mexico Historic Preservation Division and the National Park Service Technical Briefs for more general information.

For specific requirements about altering your building in one of the Silver City’s Historic Districts, please refer to the Historic Design Review Committee page, the Land Use Code, Section 4.2 Historic Overlay Zoning District, and contact the Community Development Department by phone at 575-534-6348 or:
1203 N Hudson
Second Floor
Silver City, NM 88062