Land Use Code

The purpose of the Town of Silver City Land Use Code is to promote and protect the public health, safety, peace, comfort, and general welfare while allowing for cost saving efficiencies. The Town of Silver City Land Use Code is a comprehensive, unified set of regulations which govern the subdivision of land, the development of land, and the use of land.

The Town of Silver City Land Use Code is adopted for the following particular purposes:

  • 1.3.1: To implement the goals and policies of the Comprehensive Plan of the Town of Silver City, approved and adopted by the Town Council in 1996, as amended from time to time; as well as other goals and policies adopted by the Town Council related to growth and development.
  • 1.3.2: To protect and improve the established community character of the Town of Silver City and the social and economic stability of the existing residential, commercial and other land uses within the Town.
  • 1.3.3: To promote good planning practice and to provide a regulatory mechanism that includes appropriate performance standards for development within the Town.
  • 1.3.4: To prevent the adverse impacts of development on the availability of water, waste water disposal, water quality, roads and transportation, erosion, Town of Silver City Land Use and Zoning Code December 14, 2010 Page 7 of 225 floodplains and steep slopes in critical areas of the Town.
  • 1.3.5: To encourage a more efficient use of land and public services and to reflect changes in technology of land development.
  • 1.3.6: To promote safe and efficient transportation facilities for motor vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians.
  • 1.3.7: To promote alternative land development practices that will otherwise promote the public health, safety and general welfare.
  • 1.3.8: To reduce sprawling development.

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