Accounts Payable


Invoices must be signed off and approved for payment by the Supervisor or Department Head of the department they were generated in. To accelerate your payment, invoices should reference purchase orders numbers wherever possible. Unless the vendor has other specified terms in their contract, all invoices are considered to be NET30, and only those invoices received by noon on Tuesdays that require no further authorization or corrections and that are due for payment, will be processed by Accounts Payable. Checks are usually available by 1 pm on Friday, unless there is change in the check run date due to a Holiday or problems are encountered with the accounting system. 

Checks are mailed unless specific instructions have been received by Accounts Payable that the check will be picked up.

W-9 Form

A W-9 form (PDF) is required for each vendor before payment of any invoice is made. If you are a new vendor, or an existing vendor with a change of address, please submit a W-9 to Accounts Payable as soon as possible. Any updated W-9s need to be received no later than December 15th in order to prepare for end-of-year 1099s.

Non-Taxable Transaction Certificate (NTTC) Forms

We are now currently using the New Mexico Non-Taxable Transaction Certificate NET website to issue out NTTC certificates. Download a Non-Taxable Transaction Certificate form (PDF).

If you had one of our old certificates, it will now be VOID and a new one will need to be issued through the website. Whether you need to apply for an NTTC for the first time, or need to update the old certificate, please fill out our informational form and submit to our office by mail or fax. If the information matches the website, we will either mail or fax you the new NTTC form, so please provide the method in which you would like to receive the new NTTC form.