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Events & Activities — SEPTEMBER 2014
Events and Activities are held at either the Silver City Museum, 312 W. Broadway, or the Museum Annex at 302 W. Broadway in downtown Silver City, New Mexico, and are free unless noted otherwise (donations always welcome). More information: 575.538.5921 or

Botanist, Linguist, and Physician - Dr. Bushnell
A Brown Bag Presentation with Dr. John Bell
Thursday, September 4, 12 noon to 1 pm
Museum Annex, 302 W. Broadway
Dr. Bushnell, assigned to Fort Bayard in 1903, became Commander of Fort Bayard U. S. Army Hospital in 1904. He graduated from Yale with a M.D in 1880 and was appointed to the U.S. Army as assistant surgeon following his examination. He remained at Fort Bayard until June 2,. 1917 and retired as colonel. On September 10, he was assigned to duty with the Surgeon General. Because of his experience in the treatment of tuberculosis, he was placed in charge of all matters pertaining to tuberculosis in the army. For his efforts in the prevention of tuberculosis he was chosen as honorary vice-president of the National Tuberculosis Association in 1918. Although his first concern was the treatment of tuberculosis, Bushnell was an avid botanist. Many of the trees at Fort Bayard were planted during his tenure. Fort Bayard was transformed from a army post to the leading U.S. Army Hospital. Dr. John Bell is a Silver City physician and historian with special interest in historic Ft. Bayard.
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Taste of Downtown at the Museum — Taste Southwest Native America!
Saturday, September 6, 11 am to 2 pm
Silver City Museum, 312 W. Broadway
Learn about the foods the Apache gathered in the Gila Wilderness and southwest. What kind of food did they find here to eat? How did they prepare it? Learn this and more by also visiting the current exhibit on the Gila Wilderness. The exhibit is very family friendly and you are sure to learn something new! [ Press Release . . . ]

Craft Class: Papermaking for Adults with Veronique De Jaegher
Saturday, September 6, 2 to 4 pm
Silver City Museum, 312 W. Broadway
In collaboration with the Southwest Women's Fiber Arts Collective, this adult class taught by fiber artist Veronique De Jaegher, will cover the basics of paper making. Participants can bring 'stuff' to add to the paper from nature (has to be flat!), pieces of fabric or paper can be added too. I will have lots of goodies to choose from too.
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Craft Class: Felt Making
Saturday, September 13, 10 am to 12 noon
Silver City Museum, 312 W. Broadway
Young crafters will have fun making a felt masterpiece wall hanging and creating felt balls to string or use as cat toys! Felting is one of the oldest fiber arts and felt is super fun to make. We will be making this craft in the courtyard. Plan on getting wet! Did you know that angora goats were raised by the thousands in Grant county and surrounding counties in the late 1800's? The wool from these goats was a popular material for hat making during that period. You can learn more about the history of felt making during this class. The classes are geared towards elementary school-aged children, and parent/guardian attendance is required. Crafters aged 8 and older are welcome to register for the craft classes. These classes are a great opportunity for family craft making! Fees are: $5.00 per class, limited to 10 crafters. Pre-register with Charmeine Wait at 538-5921 or EMAIL.
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Presentation and Book Signing: Last Train to El Paso with Jerry Lobdill
Saturday, September 13, 2 to 3 pm
Museum Annex, 302 W. Broadway
The central event is the contract murder of Thomas Lyons, the owner of the largest ranch in the United States in 1917. Lyons' ranch was in Grant County, New Mexico, and he was lured to EL Paso on business and murdered there. Only the hit man was convicted, although his co-conspirators were identified and obviously guilty. A motive for the crime was never asserted. After the hit man was convicted, the case was officially closed as unsolved. It was quickly forgotten and for nearly 100 years no one realized what had actually happened and who the co-conspirators really were. The murder created a sensation in El Paso, and over the course of the investigation, arrests, and court proceedings, the case drew more courtroom spectators than any case in the history of the city-even to the present day. The El Paso Morning Times and the competing El Paso Herald covered the case extensively, publishing about 140 articles about it in the nine months it took to convict the hit man.
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Take a Virtual Hike Along the Gila River with Nathan Newcomer
Thursday, September 18, 12 noon to 1 pm
Museum Annex, 302 W. Broadway
Nathan started his 50 mile hike on May 27 and ended it on June 3rd, the 90th anniversary of the Gila Wilderness. This year is also the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, and the hike is in celebration of both of the anniversaries. Newcomer will also discuss the inventory he did along the river in hopes of having the Gila River designated a Wild and Scenic River. Nathan Newcomer is a 5th generation New Mexican. Newcomer works for the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance, as the Gila Grassroots Organizer, and has worked as the Associate Director and Media Director. [ Press Release . . . ]

Ft. Bayard Days — Historic Rope Making
Friday, September 19, 9 am to 3 pm
Ft. Bayard
In collaboration with the Ft. Bayard Historical Society, the Silver City Museum will have a rope making activity for children on Friday, September 19, 2014. Children will learn the importance of being able to make your own rope in territorial New Mexico and even get to try their hand at making rope. [ Press Release . . . ]

Gila River Festival Activities at the Silver City Museum
Saturday, September 20, 11 am to 2 pm
Silver City Museum, 312 W. Broadway
11 am - 12 noon:
Meet the Artists of the exhibit, Wilderness: Michael Berman, James Hemphill and Anthony Howell.
12 - 1 pm:
See fabulous Gila River animals in the finale of the Monsoon Puppet Parade & activities in the Museum Courtyard.
1 - 2 pm:
The Gila Conservation Education Center and the Silver City Museum will provide activities for children.

The Silver City Museum is proud to collaborate with the Gila River Festival education activities for the community and the Gila Wilderness exhibit with family friendly interactive stations and learn about the Leave No Trace principles! [ Press Release . . . ]

Artist Louise Phillips - The Lovely Gila
Tuesday, September 23, 12 noon - 1:00pm at the Silver City Museum, 312 W. Broadway
An event for exhibit, Gila Wild: A Celebration of the 90th Anniversary of the Gila Wilderness and the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act. Meet artist Louise Phillips who painted The Lovely Gila, which hangs in the Gila National Forest Supervisor's office. The painting will be available for viewing and postcards of the painting will be available for Louise to sign. Bring a sack lunch to eat in the museum's courtyard and enjoy dessert provided by the Forest Service. Writer/artist Louise Phillips, who lives in Washington, D.C., is passionate about bringing youth and earth together through the arts. Louise has dedicated her life to inspiring others, especially children. [ Press Release . . . ]

Get the Lead Out! (and Asbestos) An awareness-level workshop on lead and asbestos regulations for building renovators
Thursday, September 25, 9 am to 1 pm
WNMU Besse Forward Global Resource Center
Register now, for a free workshop on Federal and State regulations pertaining to renovation of buildings with lead and asbestos taught by Janet Kerley. The workshop is offered by the Town of Silver City. The purpose of the workshop is to improve awareness of lead and asbestos regulations and the hazards involved when renovating older buildings. The Town of Silver City's historic Waterworks building, currently undergoing rehabilitation, will serve as an example and focus of discussion on the potential use of a building based on target cleanup levels. The workshop will be geared towards owners of older buildings, contractors, engineers, architects, facilities maintenance personnel and Town of Silver City volunteers. [ Press Release . . . ]