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Events & Activities — OCTOBER 2016

Book Signing: Hypnotizing Chickens by Jan Sherman
Saturday, October 8, 2pm
in the Silver City Museum courtyard, 312 W Broadway
In Hypnotizing Chickens, Jan paints a charming picture of Mogollon, as it was in a unique time, through the eyes of adventurous children who enjoyed a simple and beautiful life in the wild, wild West. As Tom Hester states, "Abandoned mine tunnels, ownerless burros, overnight fishing trips, neighborhood hermits, cowboy pranks, and hypnotized hens are recreated with wit dryer than the Chihuahuan Desert." There will be some entertainment and the book may be purchased. [ Press Release ]

Fall Break: Dia de los Muertos Craft Classes
Tuesday, October 11, through Friday, October 14, 10am to noon
in the Silver City Museum courtyard, 312 W Broadway
Make a sugar skull at the Silver City Public Library on Thursday and bring it with you Friday to decorate or use a pre-made skull. $5 per craft session. Pre-register at 538-5921.

Dia de los Muertos is in early November, but here at the Silver City Museum, we will be preparing in October. For the public schools' fall break, we will offer a series of Day of the Dead-themed craft workshops Tuesday-Friday, 10am to noon each day. The activities are designed for children age 5 and up with an adult guardian present, with a cost of $5 per class per person.

*Only the Sugar Skull Making workshop on Thursday, October 13 takes place at the Silver City Public Library. Participants are invited to bring their sugar skulls to the Silver City Museum on Friday 14 to decorate them!
  • Tuesday Oct 11: Tissue Paper Marigolds
  • Wednesday Oct 12: Papel Picado
  • Thursday Oct 13: Matchbox Altar
  • *Thursday Oct 13: Sugar Skull Making @ the SC Public Library
  • Friday Oct 14: Sugar Skull Decorating
We are also planning an ofrenda to honor our former curator Harry Benjamin. The Museum will be the starting place for the Downtown to Miller Library Ofrenda Procession on November 1 following a performance by Mariachi Canto a Mi Tierra de la UACJ in the Silver City Museum courtyard. [ Press Release ]

Children's Activity: String Art
Saturday, October 15, 10:30am to noon
in the Silver City Museum, 312 W Broadway
This Children's Craft day is in collaboration with the Red Dot Art Days. The children will be making designs on paper using string and water colors. The children never know what their piece of art will look like until they open the paper and see the twists and colors the string makes as it is pulled out from the folded paper. [ Press Release ]

Brown Bag: Chasing the Cure in New Mexico by Nancy Lewis
Saturday, October 22, noon to 1pm
in the Silver City Museum Annex, 302 W Broadway
Chasing the Cure in New Mexico: Tuberculosis and the Quest for Health tells the story of the thousands of health seekers who journeyed to New Mexico from 1880-1940 seeking a cure for tuberculosis, once the leading cause of death in America. Although the tubercle bacillus had been isolated in 1882, the development of streptomycin and other drugs did not occur until the 1940s. During the intervening decades, the medically approved regimen consisted of nutritious food, fresh air, and rest, preferably in a high, dry, and sunny place. New Mexico, with its high, dry, and sunny climate, was considered ideal. Bring your lunch and listen to Nancy Lewis tell us about her book on tuberculosis and the quest for health. [ Press Release ]

Children's Activity for Halloween
Saturday, October 29, 10:30am to noon
at the Silver City Museum, 312 W Broadway
For fun just before Halloween, come down to the Silver City Museum to create a "surprising" activity for your Halloween enjoyment. Dress in costume and try to scare the museum staff. There will be Halloween Trick-or-Treat candy or fruit.
[ Press Release ]

Victorian Christmas will be held at the Silver City Museum on December 8, 2016.